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Stitch Triverse - Mirrors by Haisai-DBarenzu
Stitch and Yuna by StarryBlast9
PC - Older Yuna in Swimsuit by CatDasher
Happy Marine Day! by Haisai-DBarenzu
With Lilo
Mama Lilo and her Yuna by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX
Stitch, Yuna and Lilo -Happy Birthday by SunsetMajka626
Lilo and Stitch! - Random pic for Stitch Day by malachitecat
A Surprise Christmas Visit by GoldenStarPony
Base Edits and Pics
Yuna  at  the  Hong  Kong  Bea by STITCH62633
Lilo the New Girl by STITCH62633
Yuna hang's out with Yoko and by STITCH62633
yuna in hong kong by STITCH62633
Stitch ZSnT stamp by Chidori1334
Yuna Stamp by Chidori1334
Yuna Fan Stamp by Chidori1334
Anime Stitch Stamp by Chidori1334
Yuna with friends
Yuna+Stitch (Mega Man 10) by jajuruns90rebels
Stitch! - Sea Salt Ice Cream by malachitecat
PC - Adult Hiro and Yuna by CatDasher
Stitch! - Boating With Dad (Sketch) by malachitecat
Stitch and Yuna
Stitch! - Wallpaper by jajuruns90rebels
Yuna+Stitch (Mega Man 9) by jajuruns90rebels
Ed+Stitch - Musical (Yuna+Stitch) by jajuruns90rebels
Yuna+Stitch (Swat Kats the Radical Squadron) by jajuruns90rebels
Inktober 2016 3+4 - Yuna and Connie by malachitecat
Ed, Edd n Eddy X Yuna+Stitch (Yuna+Stitch) by jajuruns90rebels
Yuna+Stitch (Mega Man 6) by jajuruns90rebels
Inkling Yuna (Day 5/360) by malachitecat


Yuna From Lilo and Stitch anim :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 21 25 yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 4 0 yuna 2 :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 2 0 yuna and stitch :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 7 2 two island's calyd :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 3 2 lilo and yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 1 3 lilo stitch and yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 3 8 hiking :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 6 0 Stitch and Yuna Happy Chinesse :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 15 16 Stitch and Yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 15 23 lilo meets yuna at her shcool :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 5 15 yuna and Lilo .2 :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 4 4 lilo,stitch,yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 29 26 Yuna and Lilo . :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 7 2 Lilo,yuna,stitch and Piko :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 3 82 lilo . yuna :iconstitch62633:STITCH62633 8 6


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Members' Primer

Well, if you've been a part of this group; you're probably wondering how things work... allow me to explain:

Looking to submit art to the Kamihara-clad group? Well, it's simple! Either click the "Submit" button along the top and have our group (Yuna-Club) be checked in the submission progress... that or you can submit it via deviation currently in your gallery! Just find our humble group name (Yuna-Club) and submit away!

Being fans of a given Stitch character who has a steady stream of love and hate, we ask that we keep things on the complimentary and allow for praise of the group's central character, Yuna herself. Any dislike or hate should be handled rationally and maturely or if not that way, left out of this group. Yes, freedom of speech is important, but in essence it saves us a lot of flame wars amidst a group about a character in the family in the end. Thanks, I'm sure your "ohana" will enjoy it by keeping it this way!

If you have any concerns at all about the group content or even if you wanna get a hold of one of us, just holler at one of the Contributors or our Founder (Haisai-DBarenzu), and we'll definitely get back to you in a timely pattern! With enough patience, your questions'll be answered!

Beyond this, enjoy everything this group has to offer, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Ichariba Ohana~!
So, obviously last journal, our group was looking for a new Founder within its bounds of Kamihara-ness... which I know isn't a word, but don't worry about it. In little time at all, our new Founder has been found... its Co-Founder. Hey, gang- Haisai-DBarenzu here. You might either know me as the writer and overseer of Stitch-eccentric project "Stitch Triverse" or for my more obvious trait- my art and passion for Yuna and Stitch and Stitch culture in general alongside other Disney doings. And yes, the word on the street is out, I'm now running the show as Founder of this lovely group! I'm no outsider to this of course, having been Co-Founder for as long as our previous Founder has made the group.

First off, in this journal- I'd like to give thanks to Chidori1334 for creating a group that us fans of the karateka tomboy can congregate, meet- even connect at that. Like ohana should. You've kept this boat running for 5 years and I'm more than grateful you've set up this group for all of us wonderful people.

Now! In my stead of coming, I'd like to outline a few things here. No, nothing's changing in rules or in the group- that's still remaining the same ("Phew!" as Yuna would say), but I WOULD like to be able to recruit more Contributors and inevitably, a few Co-Founders. If anyone's interested in either role, holler up and I'll decide. Keep in mind, I won't be letting just anyone be Co-Founder, the judging'll be tougher from my end for that. Contributors though, that's a more open book. Nonetheless, comment if interested and I'll be all the happier to consider who for whom. Currently our staff consists of Contributors malachitecat, Barricade9-1-1, GoldenStarPony and Stitch-And-Yuna-Pics, to give an idea. :)

Other than that, I hope you can welcome me as Founder of the group well and all in all, keep the #KamiharaPride burning on. Let's keep the support for Yuna Kamihara going!

Thanks and Ichariba Chodei!
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Aloha! And konnichiwa to those Japanese and all.

Welcome to the Yuna Club! Where fans of the character Yuna Kamihara, the karateka tomboy from Disney series and "Lilo & Stitch" spin-off show "Stitch!" can band together as one!

Any willing and on the ready to join, be sure to post a comment and we'll send ya an invite! Special exceptions may get a Contributor invite!


Group Info

A club for the fans and admirers of Disney character Yuna, the 10-year-old tomboy blackbelt of a girl from the Disney anime "Stitch!".

More info on Yuna:
Yuna Kamihara on the Disney Wikia

Haisai, all!
Founded 7 Years ago
Jul 17, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

51 Members
68 Watchers
19,493 Pageviews
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Any and all groups, even those Stitch-related are more than welcome to be added as Affiliates to this group! After all, Ichariba Chodei!


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jajuruns90rebels Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I be a co-founder? :)
jajuruns90rebels Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jajuruns90rebels Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
malachitecat Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I realized we don't have a normal crossover folder. I wonder if we can have one. Kekeke.

To avoid confusion, we can rename the C. with Lilo folder just "With Lilo".

Unless we will let true crossovers be in Yuna with Friends.
Barricade9-1-1 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
crossover is fine.
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nah, I figure that's a good idea right there. Done and done; Crossover folder made, Lilo folder renamed! :)
malachitecat Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And I think you forgot to give contributors access to the crossover folder.
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hmm... did I? I'll have to look into the permissions and such ASAP. Thanks!
(1 Reply)
Stitchthebest36 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I want to join up but DA wants me to upgrade or something first. :'( 
Barricade9-1-1 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ok do that 1st. :)
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ohh, I get it; I saw on your profile you're already in a few groups as staff already, that's where the problem lies! Usually if you're a normal dA member, three or four's the maximum number of groups unless you upgrade to Premium... but hey, I'm not withdrawing either, the offer is always open in case you get room to join our Contributing staff! :)
Stitchthebest36 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Thanks. I'm still a member of the group so I can submit art right??
Haisai-DBarenzu Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, your Member status still works! This was just a bump-up to Contributor, so your previous still works out. :)
(1 Reply)
chloviejeo Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
i don't get why people hate tomboy yuna she great and cute
Chidori1334 Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
I know right? They hate her just because shes a replacement of Lilo
chloviejeo Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
yuna and lilo are not the same but they are friends
Chidori1334 Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
yeah but Lilo is an adult though she has a daughter on Season 3 that showed her what she looks like
(1 Reply)
Barricade9-1-1 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I don't know I love her but this makes me very mad and sad :iconanti-anime-stitch: WHY PEOLPE JUST LOVE STITCH NO MATTER WHERE HE IS GOING TO BE!!!!
danielnewton Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
I agree, I`ve SO had it with those anime haters. I don`t get what most of them have against Yuna and I personally feel they are all just blinded by hatred, due to the fact of her being in Lilo`s place. I wish they would stop treating Yuna so horribly.
Barricade9-1-1 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
me too.
(1 Reply)
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Barricade9-1-1 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
chloviejeo Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
oh the horror i love tomboy girls but this is not good!
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